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Mercurys Coffee Co.



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Whole Bean or Ground


Use for Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, and Drip.

Step into the world of Mercurys Coffee Co. and experience the extraordinary journey of our 100% Organic Rising Blend. Born from a rich history of passion for coffee, sustainability, and community, our Rising Blend is more than just a brew – it's a testament to our commitment to quality and the environment.

A Glimpse into Our Roots: Mercurys Coffee Co. has its origins rooted in a simple yet profound love for coffee. Founded with a vision to create a coffee experience that transcends expectations, our journey began with a single goal – to craft the perfect cup, blending exceptional flavors with ethical sourcing.

Harvesting the Finest: Our quest for perfection led us to coffee farms worldwide. From Colombia's lush landscapes to Ethiopia's sun-kissed fields, we meticulously selected the finest organic Arabica beans. The Rising Blend reflects this global journey, capturing the essence of diverse coffee regions in every sip.

A Commitment to Sustainability:
At Mercurys Coffee Co., we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. The Rising Blend is 100% Organic, a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices. Free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, each cup is a step towards a greener, more eco-conscious future.

Crafting the Symphony:
Our roasters are the maestros behind the magic. They orchestrate a medium-bodied masterpiece, the Rising Blend, with precision and passion. Expect a harmonious dance of flavors – from chocolatey sweetness to subtle nuttiness, with a touch of fruity notes that linger on your palate.

Empowering Communities:
But our journey is not just about beans; it's about the people. By choosing the Rising Blend, you're supporting fair trade practices that ensure our coffee farmers are not just partners but valued contributors to the Mercurys Coffee Co. family.

The Rising Blend Experience: Indulge in the perfect union of flavor and responsibility with every Mercurys Coffee Co.'s 100% Organic Rising Blend sip. It's not just a cup of coffee; it's a journey through time, a commitment to sustainability, and a celebration of the rich history that brought us to your mug. Elevate your coffee experience with Mercurys – where every sip tells a story.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Greg B

Best coffee hands down. Smooth and creamy and never bitter.

So excited for delivery!

I moved from Bothell to Idaho, and one of the only things I miss is your coffee. When family visits they bring me beans. I have been wanting coffee but not wanting to go back to Washington, so I looked on your website and I am ecstatic that you deliver. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sarah W.
Coffee delight

An all round delight from the coffee to the customer service. It's a staple in our household, along with some Lindt dark chocolate.


Great flavor and organic!

Favorite coffee

We love this coffee and appreciate we can order on an ongoing basis. While there are other good coffee beans we are always excited when our package arrives. Our favorite by far.