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Mercurys Coffee Co.



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Experience the Essence of Ethiopia with Mercurys Coffee Co.'s 100% Organic Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee – A Journey of Flavor and Tradition!

🌍 Ethiopian Elegance: Embark on a sensory voyage to the birthplace of coffee with our Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee. Sourced from the high-altitude terrains of Ethiopia, each sip encapsulates the rich history and vibrant culture of this coffee haven.

🌿 Pure and Organic: Immerse yourself in the pure, unadulterated taste of our 100% Organic Ethiopian Coffee. Cultivated without synthetic pesticides or chemicals, this single-origin gem reflects our commitment to delivering an authentic and environmentally conscious coffee experience.

☕ Distinctive Flavor Profile: Indulge in the unique flavor palette of Ethiopian coffee – a harmonious blend of floral notes, citrusy brightness, and a hint of wine-like complexity. Our meticulous roasting process ensures that every cup reveals the true essence of this exceptional single-origin bean.

🌍 Supporting Sustainable Practices: At Mercurys Coffee Co., we believe in sustainable sourcing. By choosing our 100% Organic Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee, you're not just savoring an exceptional brew; you're actively supporting ethical and environmentally friendly coffee cultivation.

🌟 Cultural Celebration in Every Sip: Celebrate the rich heritage of Ethiopian coffee culture with Mercurys Coffee Co. Our Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee is more than a beverage – it's an homage to the traditions and flavors that make Ethiopian coffee renowned worldwide.

Elevate your coffee experience with Mercurys Coffee Co.'s 100% Organic Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee – where every sip is a journey into the heart of Ethiopia's coffee legacy.

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Customer Reviews

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Tom Hindley
Thumbs Up to the Buna Bloom !

Welcome to H-1 Racing and thanks for the introduction of your fine brew . I need a source in Spokane or at least a larger packaging option . We tried you Ethiopian Buna Blume and we both loved it !